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Technologies All Web Developers Should Be Aware Of

Web Developers Technologies

There are tons of technologies out there in the market for Web Developers, no doubt. In this post, I am trying to categorize and list out most of the major technologies that web developers should be aware of. The web development technologies and categories listed below are self-explanatory. Rather than giving more details and explaining each one of them, I am providing links for each one of them which you can open and do a research on them on your own.

One thing to keep in mind though. There are a lot of resources present over the internet apart from what I have listed here so do not limit yourself to only this list. Just take this list as a reference point and explore the various aspects of web development.

Programming Languages

Coffeescript    – CSS   – Go   – HTML   – Java   – Javascript   – PHP   – Python   – Ruby   – Swift


Angular.js   – Backbone.js   – Bootstrap   – Django   – Drupal   – Ember.js   – Foundation   – Ionic

Meteor   – .NET   – Node.js   – Phonegap / Cordova   – Ruby on Rails   – WordPress


Firefox   – Google Chrome   – Internet Explorer   – Safari


MongoDB   – MySQL   – Oracle   – PostgreSQL   – Redis   – SQL Server


jQuery   – Underscore



Data File Formats

CSV   – JSON   – XML

Other Important Concepts

API   – Client Side   – Front and Back End   – Server Side

Again, just want to remind the readers that this list is just for the reference. There exist numerous technologies in the web development industries.

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