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Is Java Outdated?

Is Java Outdated?

Being an IT Quality Engineer by profession, I invest most of my time on designing Automation Frameworks that best suit the application we develop and write scripts using Java.

Recently, I have been to so many different platforms and I have been asked about different alternatives to Java for software Automation. I also find new enthusiasts mostly confused about whether to learn this programming language or something else which is more powerful or has more scope in industry.

“Is Java Outdated?” has been the hot topic of discussion in the industry. Below I am trying to answer the question based upon my findings.

The first public implementation of Java 1.0 was released in 1995. Because of its great features like “Write Once, Run Anywhere” (WORA)” and “Security”, it soon became a hit among Web Browsers. It has dominated the market for more than 20 years now.

Today it is running on more than 7 billion devices and the community have more than 9 million developers.


1. Below are some highlights as per Stack Overflow Developer Survey during 2016 which was taken by more than 56,000 developers from 173 different countries:

– Stands 3rd in the list of most popular back end technologies with market share of 41.6%.

– Holds 2nd position in the list of most popular Mobile technologies with market share of 54.2%.

– It is the 1st choice of students with market share of 51.1%.

2. Also as per TIOBE programming community index which is a measure of the popularity of programming languages, it still rules the chart.

TIOBE3. As per GITHUB survey from 2016, Java stands 2nd in the list of 15 most popular languages.

The above surveys are core indications that Java still rules the IT industry. And, reflect its consistent dominance for last couple of decades.


1. Java is platform independent.

2. Spring (Java Framework) enables developers to develop enterprise-class applications using POJOs.

3. Enterprise Dominance.

4. Highly Secured.

5. Excellent support of open source tools.


1. Mobile Industry

2. Big Data Industry

With all these rationale, I can conclude and most of you will agree after reading these that Java is definitely not outdated as of now and it is NOT going to go anywhere for at least next couple of decades unless the IT Industry is revolutionized with other new innovative highly intelligent languages. Java, however, has potential to continuously evolve to meet new challenges and make a dominant impact in future too.

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  1. Hi ,i went through the blog and i too beleive java stands on a significant ever evolving platform which will not be considered outdated in coming future or so.
    Very insightful findings you have published and I hope this will not just help but incline as well as streamline, many tech enthusiasts like us towarda this language.

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