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How To Encourage Innovation In A Scrum Environment?

Innovation in Scrum


Many of us, IT Professionals, who work on Agile – Scrum environment are often deprived of innovation time. This blog, below, highlights how to encourage innovation in a Agile environment.

If you want to know what Agile-Scrum is, click here to go through our 5 minutes quick guide.

The Agile framework allows us to be flexible and be adaptive to the process that best fits our team. However, It also has some basic principles that sometimes keep the teams very much focused. Agile, on one hand, talks about continuous improvement. On the other hand the methodology like Scrum profoundly advocates about the self-organized teams. These teams are focused and work together to deliver a product within an estimated delivery time.

Fact of the matter in Scrum is that teams are continuously working on a product, requirements, and its delivery to users which do not leave a breathing room and think about the innovation. Thus, most of the Scrum Teams are starting to raise this concern as they are not being able to learn new things, not able to innovate, and most importantly not able to continuously improve upon their skill set.

Keeping this practical scenario in mind, we have tried to provide below some guidelines for the Scrum Teams that can help them foster innovation in their day to day work and incorporate in their Scrum process.


1. Allocate some hours during the sprint for learning, sharing ideas, and for innovation. Teams can work together and allocate some hours during the sprint to discuss ideas. The scope of the sprint should be defined considering these hours allocated for innovation. These keep teams motivated and also create value to the organization.

2. Try to be innovative on what you actually are doing. Think outside of the box and see what you can do to your task to be more innovative and implement in a way that it creates value to the team as well as to your learning.

3. Support from the leadership is a must. Innovation needs time to discuss ideas and usually Scrum Teams are so focused on delivery that they have less breathing space. However, leadership should encourage these work and incorporate innovation within the Scrum process. This will help motivate the teams and also adds value to the organization.


While some of the Pundits have begun criticizing Scrum methodology for lacking the innovation, time has come for Scrum Teams to start thinking about how to incorporate innovation while doing their day to day work as well with continuous delivery. This will keep teams motivated on one hand and on the other, provides organization the value to compete in the market.

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